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New Family Registration is now open! If you have questions, please email director@wildflowersky.org.

Wildflowers Academy (WFA) is an inclusive, secular cottage school program that is dedicated to providing homeschooled children with opportunities to participate in fun, educational classes with peers of the same age range.  Wildflowers Academy is not intended to replace homeschooling done at home by parents and is not a school. WFA is a supplement to your homeschool, and it is up to you whether you count our classes towards your home education goals. WFA does not believe that grading children helps them grow thus does not offer grades for our classes. We want to help children explore, create, and learn to think for themselves.

Wildflowers Academy proudly welcomes ALL homeschoolers.  We offer one of the most affordable cottage programs in the Kentuckiana area, and have payment plans available.  WFA is the cottage school program of and fiscally supported by Kentuckiana Homeschool, Inc. WFA serves families from all around Kentucky and Indiana, including Louisville, Oldham County, Taylorsville, Elizabethtown, New Albany, Clarksville, Salem, Madison and Corydon.

You must be a member of Kentuckiana Homeschool, Inc. to register for classes!  You can become a member online at: https://khs-membership-2024-2025.cheddarup.com. Please do not contact Saint Andrew UCC with questions regarding Wildflowers Academy, as they will not be able to provide any answers.

Wildflowers Academy will meet at Saint Andrew UCC (2608 Browns Ln, Louisville, KY 40220) for 28 Tuesdays from 9:50 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.

WFA Dates

Fall 2024Spring 2025
September – 3, 10, 17, 24January – 14, 21, 28
October – 1, 8, 15, 22 (break 10/29)February – 4, 11, 18, 25
November – 12, 19, 26 (break 11/5)March – 4, 11, 18, 25
December – 3, 10, 17April – 8, 15, 22 (break 4/1), make-up date 4/29


Yearly Tuition: $1,200

At less than $45 per Tuesday session, we offer one of the most affordable cottage school programs in the Louisville area. We do not offer tuition discounts for only attending half the year.

Supply Fee: $100 per Year

Each student must also have the following school supplies: reusable lunch supplies and water bottle.  

Students will be given space to store supplies and may bring in their own scissors, crayons, etc. but this is not required. WFA will have a supply of pencils and basic art supplies for students to use.

Each student will also need to bring in the following supplies for the school:

Last Names A – F – Container of Clorox wipes

Last Names G – P – 50 Heavy Duty paper plates

Last Names Q – Z – 2 rolls of paper towels

Registration Fee: $100/student
This is non-refundable, but is deducted from your tuition total.

Volunteer Buyout Fees (for those who do not/cannot volunteer): $100 per semester, $200 per year per child. You ONLY pay the fee if you do NOT volunteer. You can choose to buyout one semester.

Elementary Grades

Kindergarten – 2 Day (T/Th) and 1 Day options

2 Spots left on Tuesday, 5 spots left on Thursday

Children must be potty trained and have turned 5 by 11/1/2024 to be enrolled

Rachel Thompson

Welcome to the magical world of Kindergarten! This year we will explore the world around us through reading, math, and science. Students will learn social emotional skills while building relationships with their peers and leave each week a little more confident than the one before. Throughout the year, students will participate in various arts and crafts, hands on experiments, games, and of course, open-ended playtime! This year students have the option to attend Kindergarten one or two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays, just Tuesdays or just Thursdays). Tuesday class will introduce the theme for the week, Thursday class will have additional activities that expand on that theme.

Sample Daily Schedule:
Morning Circle Time– Students will begin the day gathering as a class to greet, sing, and connect with their peers. During this time, students will practice important listening skills while also building community with their classmates.

Reading and Letters– Students will learn the importance of reading and how words connect us to others and the world around us. We will practice letter recognition through games and group activities, find joy in storytelling, expand our vocabulary, and read rich picture books based around various themes and topics chosen for each week.

Math– Kindergarten math is meant to be active and fun! Topics such as cardinality, greater than/less than, measurement, and weight will be explored through the use of natural materials (i.e twigs, small stones, leaves), games, and hands-on activities.

Science– Science is all around us! Activities and experiments will focus on nature around us. We’ll explore the four seasons, water, weather, plants, birds, and more.

Open Ended Free Time– Playing is learning and is crucial to the world of Kindergarten. During our free time, students can choose to play in curated stations that I have designed to be fun and engaging, while also rich in learning. Homemade playdoh, sensory bins, blocks/legos, and pretend play using real household items are just a few of the stations students can expect to find in our room.

Afternoon Circle Time– We will end the day the way we began, in a circle with our peers. We will share highs and lows of our day, what we learned, and say goodbye to our friends.

First Grade

FULL – Waitlist available

Abigail Sledge

In our class we become a community of learners. Students will learn to work together throughout the year. I put a lot of emphasis on teamwork and collaboration as cottage school is a unique opportunity for homeschool students to learn to work with their peers. 

Each week we will have a unit theme. Some themes we have learned about in the past are dinosaurs, weather, the human body, arctic animals, building, the solar system and more based on student interest. Our daily schedule consists of four “missions” or lessons  that relate to that week’s theme along with structured breaks within the day. Missions will cover various subjects: science, reading, math, history, writing, process art, STEM challenges etc.     

I believe all students benefit from hands-on and movement based learning. I provide tools and accommodations so that all students can enjoy completing each lesson with confidence. My mission is to guide student growth by showing them they are valuable and unique. Allowing students to learn in a safe environment and through interacting and sharing with their peers. Thus, giving them opportunities to grow as an individual and to develop a love for knowledge.

Second/Third Grade

FULL – Waitlist available. 3rd graders are also welcome to join the Fourth Grade class.

Caroline Snyder

In our class this year, we will learn about different topics and themes through writing, science, art, and story time! Some of the themes we will explore are weather, outer space, and under the sea, with other
themes catering to student interests as we move through the year. Each theme will have special activities for hands-on and collaborative learning.

Our classes will start with a morning circle to check-in on how we are feeling and talk about our weeks. We will have lessons in writing and science before lunch, then art and story time before another check-
in at the end of the day! Writing will explore parts of speech, simple grammar, forms of writing, and creativity in writing. Art lessons will visit fun projects, art history, and art techniques. My hope is to teach students that mistakes and messy learning are valuable by providing opportunities to take
learning risks in a safe environment. And of course, we’ll have fun doing it!

Fourth Grade

5 spots left

Carly McCallister

Kids learn best through play, and it is always my goal to provide a joyful, curious, child-led environment.

We plan to explore physics through plenty of hands-on projects, demonstrations, and STEAM challenges, with encouragement and space to incorporate creativity.  Students will get plenty of exposure to the scientific method, and will have the opportunity to conduct their own “science fair” type experiments.

 I like to incorporate art into most subjects, or incorporate other subjects into art projects.  We will do a good mix of messy process art, as well as practice honing some more technical art techniques.  I plan to focus on some basics, so students will gain skills and confidence to support their creative endeavors.  We will include a great many studies into our art explorations, such as history (with a focus on activism and change-makers!), literature, science, and journaling.

We will plan on reading a few novels together over the year.  I have a real passion for reading, and hope to foster that joy in students by exploring books that appeal to young readers.

Fifth Grade

Audrey Littlepage

Wildflowers Academy is a fun and inclusive hub where students can develop core academic, cognitive, and social skills. 

Wildflower’s 5th grade class is an energetic environment that promotes executive functioning skills while promoting confidence and teamwork. A typical day in 5th grade will offer fun skill-building exercises in writing, speech, money-math, and geography. The 5th-grade classroom will feature a unique collection of creative materials and tools to inspire and inform students in their work. Special activities will include projects in ceramics, forensic mystery, and STEAM. 

Middle Grades

We are planning big changes to our Middle School program. Middle school students will rotate classrooms and experience multiple teachers throughout the day. Google classrooms will be set up to provide supplemental lessons to be completed at home during the rest of the week, and larger research projects will be a part of their experience.

Planned subject areas for both Middle School classes include: Fine Arts instruction with related Art History and/or Culture, Citizen Science projects, US and World History, and Literature. Teachers will also incorporate lots of classroom community building and spaces for socialization during breaks. We are very excited about these upcoming changes. For more information, please reach out to Mary – director@wildflowersky.org.

Middle School

Typh Hainer Merwarth (6th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Art and Art History)

I strive to provide engaging, meaningful art curriculum for all students and to foster divergent and creative thinking skills in my students. My goal is always to create a classroom culture founded on trust and respect. I wish for students to feel empowered and motivated to communicate freely with the class about art topics. Through the process of positive art critiques students learn to reflect clearly and concisely about professional artwork, their peers artwork and most importantly their own.

My curriculum explores various 2D mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, and tempera, charcoal, graphite, pastels and more. We will also work with 3D mediums such as fibers, Paper Mache, clay and more. Additionally, one lesson a month will be dedicated to art history and studying art collections from museums around the world. I look forward to working with the Wildflowers community!

Middle School

Bela Sage (7th-8th Grade Homeroom, Middle School History and Literature)

World History – This course will work on a three-year cycle, with each year covering a different period in history. Each semester we will read a different fiction book to go along with our studies. Additionally, students will complete a research paper and presentation as well as a book report. Homework, including readings and some worksheets, will go home weekly.  

Year 1 – Early Humans, Ancient Civilizations (Mesopotamia, Africa, Egypt, Phoenicians, Israelites, India, China, Greece, Rome)

Year 2 – The Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation and Counter-Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment

24/25 Year 3 – Absolute Monarchies, Revolutions, Industrialization, Colonialism, WWI, WWII  

US History – This course will also work on a three-year cycle, with each year covering a different period in our country’s history. Each semester we will read a different fiction book to go along with our studies. Additionally, students will complete a research paper and presentation as well as a book report. Homework, including readings and some worksheets, will go home weekly.

Year 1 – Native American tribes throughout the country, European explorers, Colonial Era, the Revolutionary War

Year 2 – Early USA, Westward Expansion, The Civil War, Reconstruction

24/25 – Year 3 – Industrialization, Progressive Era, The Roaring 20’s, the Great Depression, Jim Crow, Great Migrations, Cold War, Civil Rights 

Middle School

Carrie Hembree Torres (Citizen Science)

Science is more than a subject in a classroom. It is happening all around us, everywhere we look. Science is active, it is engaging, it is participatory, and it is accessible to all of us.

This hybrid course will take place inside the classroom at Wildflowers, online in a Google classroom, through organizational websites,  and outside in our community as students learn about the importance of crowd-sourced research and participate in a range of citizen science projects that engage their sense of connection to the natural world and their sense of adventure and discovery. Students will practice effective data collection and writing research reports and be encouraged to consider the positive and negative aspects of open research. In the second semester, as well as continuing their careers as citizen scientists, students will design their own citizen science projects and invite their peers and the larger Wildflowers community to participate. 

At this time we do not offer High School programing, but it is our intention that the program will age up with our current students and offer High School programming as needed.

Wildflowers Academy reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate all or any part of this information, the offerings, classes, teachers, location, etc. either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice. All refunds are given minus payment processor fees when paying by PayPal or credit card.